Hope Eternal


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         Like many people, I just fell into goats by accident….or maybe Someone had a plan for me. As a small child, we had a pair of tiny kids brought home from a farm auction. They outgrew their “cute” and my parents gave them to someone else. Years later, in 2002, we had an opportunity to caretake a farm, and it included managing a herd of goats. I had always been a farm girl, and I felt I could handle it. We made it through two kidding seasons, and when we left there, the owners gave my daughter a doeling of her very own. She has descendents of that first doe.

          Being supportive parents, we bought more goats, bought tons and tons of feed, and helped that little goat herd to grow. Now, 11 years later, I have a couple of goats of my own, and my own membership and herd name with ADGA.

           I have had the opportunity to buy some nice stock and some promising semen. Now I plan on breeding big, milky old-time Nubians that live to a good old age comfortably.  I am working with Saada, Iron-Owl, Jacobs Pride, Six-M Galaxy, Pruittville and Price O The Field.

          I have a deep respect and admiration for new friends I have made through this venture, and hope to make more. Many people have already been kind and helpful. I expect to work hard to “earn my spurs!”

         We test yearly for CAE, and we are working on completing testing on our herd for G6S. Our herd is closed, and we do not plan on bringing in any new stock. We will be expanding our bloodlines via AI.

         We are located near Warrensburg, Missouri.

         Please do not use photos from this site without permission and giving credit.

Please do not use photos from this site without permission and giving credit.