Hope Eternal


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*B Jacobs Pride Scotch Maxim

N001583463 (PB Buck)

     Sire: J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim (LA 04-04 90 VEE)

     Dam: SGCH Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M (LA 06-06 92 EEEE)

     DOB: 1/9/2012 

     LA: 04-08 78 (AVV)

          : 05-04 88 (VEV)

     G6S Status: Normal by Test

Full pedigree

     Maxim is a very, very tall buck with very good breed character. He is dairy, with fine hair texture and pliable skin. We have had the opportunity to see some of his get on the ground, and they are immensely dairy and improved in body capacity.


     Grand Design Strawberry Peep

Hope Eternal Taboule

N001653600 (PB Buck)


     Sire: Price O The Field Deacon (LA 02-04 85 V++)

     Dam: Loveland KT Lois Lane 1*M (LA 04-00 86 VEVV)

     DOB: 4/23/2013

     LA: 01-01 82 (++A)

          : 02-01 85 (VV+)

          : 03-05 83 (+++)

          : 04-01 86 (VEV)

     G6S Status: Normal by Test

Full pedigree   


     "Bull's" dam, Lois, has a pretty udder, and she is among the easier does I've milked. The texture and orfices are beautiful, and make hand milking her a pleasure. I am pleased to have this Price O The Field blood, bringing in such lovely width. He will be a big buck, I think.

Dam's udder

*B Hope Eternal Timberdoodle

N001736011 (PB Buck)


     Sire: SGCH ++*B Thunder-Ridge BT Patriot (LA 06-04 92  EEE)

     Dam: Abelity Super*B's Yes-A-Twinkl 1*M (LA 07-00 91 VEEE)

     DOB: 1/28/2015

     LA: 01-08 82 (+V+)

          : 02-04 87 (VVV)

     G6S Status: Normal by Test