Hope Eternal


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Hope Eternal Taboule

N001653600 (PB Buck)


     Sire: Price O The Field Deacon (LA 02-04 85 V++)

     Dam: Loveland KT Lois Lane 1*M (LA 04-00 86 VEVV)

     DOB: 4/23/2013

     LA: 01-01 82 (++A)

          : 02-01 85 (VV+)

          : 03-05 83 (+++)

          : 04-01 86 (VEV)

     G6S Status: Normal by Test

Full pedigree   


     "Bull's" dam, Lois, has a pretty udder, and she is among the easier does I've milked. The texture and orfices are beautiful, and make hand milking her a pleasure. I am pleased to have this Price O The Field blood, bringing in such lovely width. He will be a big buck, I think.

Dam's udder

*B Hope Eternal Timberdoodle

N001736011 (PB Buck)


     Sire: SGCH ++*B Thunder-Ridge BT Patriot (LA 06-04 92  EEE)

     Dam: Abelity Super*B's Yes-A-Twinkl 1*M (LA 07-00 91 VEEE)

     DOB: 1/28/2015

     LA: 01-08 82 (+V+)

          : 02-04 87 (VVV)

     G6S Status: Normal by Test