Hope Eternal


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Terms and Conditions

     Thank you for your interest in purchasing an animal from Hope Eternal Nubians. Please read our Terms and Conditions thoroughly before commiting to purchasing an animal.

     The Hope Eternal herd is CAE negative, and all parent animals are tested G6S Normal. We have never had CL and we do not test for it; as from the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, "No CL serological test is sufficiently reliable to confidently detect infection in individual sheep or goats..." We do not vaccinate our stock; instead we manage health through excellent, balanced nutrition and only treat if/when a problem arises. CAE is the only disease test we do. However, if a buyer would like other tests run (i.e.; CL), we will do so at the buyer's expense.

     I reserve the right to keep any animal for my own herd's needs, and I also reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at my discretion.

     We do not offer stud service.

     Sales animals will be listed on the "Sales" page. I do not take reservations for kids yet to be born, as I prefer to have animals on the ground, started with good nutrition, and evaluated for potential issues before offering them to be sold. Animals are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

     A non-refundable deposit of 1/4 the animal's sale price is requested to hold the animal of your choice. Deposit payment by cash, cheque or money order is accepted. If you contact me about purchasing an animal, please note that the animal is not considered "on hold" until the deposit has been received and cleared. Please note also that once a deposit is paid, you are held and bound by the terms I have listed. Balance must be paid in cash before the animal can be picked up. If the balance of the animal's price remains unpaid after two weeks, any money paid will be forfeit and the animal will be offered up for sale again.

     I will hold your animal for up to two weeks after you commit to purchase it and after the initial deposit is made. If you cannot pick up your animal within those two weeks, the animal will go back up for sale. I do not ship or transport sales animals at this time. All sales are final.

   These are the same terms as offered by our sister herd, Grand Design Nubians. http://granddesignnubians.webs.com/
Bred to:
Due Date:
Bay roan buckling
$100 unregistered
Bay roan buckling
$200 registered
$100 unregistered

Buckling by *B Saada Tizod Las Vegas, out of Hope Eternal Sweet Wormwood

Buckling by Grand Design Blue Joshua, out of Hope Eternal Okalee